Zija Core Nutritionals

Zija’s core nutrition from an extra boost of energy, weight-managment products to skin care. Every product contain the core ingredient, Moringa oleifera. Morniga is the most nutrient plant in the world containing over 90 vitamins and minerals.

Améo Essential Oils

Essential oils produced by Zija’s high standards. Âme means soul in French. Rico means rich in Spanish. Together, they create Améo. Améo oils are the only clinically graded oils on the market being CERTI-5™ validated. This means they all have passed testing for quality, purity, and usability. Every oil is also tested that they all are cell active and permeable.


GenM Skin Care

Find it beautiful skin naturally with GenM, Zija’s complete anti-aging and all natural line of skin care products based around nature’s “miracle tree”, Moringa oleifera. Each GenM product has been formulated by Zija’s team of scientists, nutritionists and skin care experts to actually improve skin from within.

Ripstix Fitness Supplements

In a world that recognizes the importance of living an active lifestyle more than ever before, we set out to create the best workout products for all types of athletes and fitness junkies. We also wanted these new products to build upon the four pillars of Zija’s “Life Unlimited” mantra and company culture—health and nutrition, active lifestyle, financial freedom, and personal development.
Ripstix have been carefully formulated to help you keep your drive alive with the energy and nutrients needed before, during and after—long after—your workout. Whether you stay active by pounding the pavement, helping your team to the top, refining your downward-facing dog, or setting your personal record on a lift, it’s time to Power Your Fitness with Ripstix!